8 Simple Steps to Extend the Battery Life of Your Laptop

8 Simple Steps to Extend the Battery Life of Your Laptop

With no charging plugs around we’ve all had that moment where we just needed a few more minutes of battery so we would finish off that essay, or that email that you were supposed to send to your boss an hour ago. It’s when the battery runs out that we realize of all the ways how we could have squeezed the extra juice out of it. In fact, it’s part of human nature to realize the importance of things only when their gone…enough philosophy now, this article aims to teach you readers of ways to extend the battery life of your laptop. Here are 8 simple steps to extend the battery life of your laptop:

  1. Hibernate, not Standby- Putting your laptop on standby mode, saves some power and even lets you continue your work from where you left off on, but it doesn’t save nearly as much power as Hibernate. The Hibernate feature saves your laptop’s state, and completely shuts it down.
  2. Use a Battery Optimizer- We at TEQnation, use the Samsung Easy Setting, and Battery Optimizer, which only charges laptops till 80%, and then continues to work on AC power. This way we increase the overall life of the battery, as in practice it’s only using 80% of it rather than 100% of it every time.
  3. Keep Your Drivers Updated- Most new driver updates are designed to consume less energy and be more resourceful, hence each update you download, you extend your battery life. If you’re using Windows, then click on the Update button in the Control Panel. If you’re on a Mac, then head to the Finder and open the App Store to click the Updates tab in the right corner.
  4. Defragment Regularly- Use the disk defragmenter on a regular bases, as the faster your hard drives do their work, the lesser you will push your hard drive and battery to their limits. Run the Disk Defragmenter once a month, don’t run it on a daily bases or you will ruin your hard drive.
  5. Reduce Screen Brightness- Majority of the laptops that are made today come with the ability to modify your screen brightness. Use that feature! Change your settings to your needs, if you’re simply reading a book or a document, then do you really need full brightness?
  6. Clean Battery Contacts- It’s important to gently clean your battery’s metal contacts with some rubbing alcohol, and a soft cloth. This method gives you a more efficient transfer of power.
  7. Turn off Unnecessary Processes- Ever wondered about the logic behind keeping your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on, even though you’re not using it? Hmmm makes me wonder as well…
  8. Stop Using Screensavers-Is there really a purpose to your screen saver, other than the aesthetic appeal of the graphics? No right, instead just turn your monitor off

Didn’t like these 8 simple steps to extend the battery life of your laptop? Then send me a quick email on Contact.TEQnation@gmail.com telling me how I could have made it better, or what you do to extend your laptop’s battery life.

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