How to Access Blocked Content Online?

How to Access Blocked Content Online?

8 Ways to Unblock Content on the Internet

There might have been many instances where you were in school, or at work surfing the web, opening new links when all of a sudden your webpage would display that the website that you are trying to access is blocked. Companies and educational institutes like to filter out what web pages can, and cannot be accessed so that their students or employees don’t get side tracked. Our ISPs will often block websites due to geographical restrictions.

Hence to stay on top of your game, and access blocked websites online, TEQnation provides the methods below:

  1. Use a Proxy Sites: Using a proxy site just means that you visit your desired webpage through a third party server. A list of proxy sites can be found here. All you have to do is click on the domain, and enter the website you want to unblock. While using proxy sites, just make sure you don’t enter any sensitive data such as passwords or your banking details, and you should be good to go!
  2. Use a VPN: A VPN or a Virtual Private Network not only provides you with a clock on anonymity, but also ensures that you can access everything on the internet. However, since there is no such thing as a free meal in life, VPN’s are also paid services. One such VPN is HideMyAss (, which can be available for about USD 12 a month.How to Access Blocked Content Online?
  3. Internet Archive: The Way Back Machine is an online Internet Archive that takes a backup of your site on a regular bases. This way if your website gets blocked for some reason, then you can still view a version of it, however it won’t be up to date. Make sure to check it out to Access Blocked Content Online?
  4. URL Recasting: Go to your browser and in the URL you are trying to access, add an “s” right after the “http.” So if the URL was, then the new URL should be . Then click on “Proceed to,” and the page hopefully should be unblocked.
How to Access Blocked Content Online?
Recasting the URL

  1. Changing the DNS Server: Another way to access blocked content is to change or replace your DNS server. Don’t’ worry, it might sound like we’re asking you to buy a new device, but we’re not. With just a few clicks, and changes here and there, you should be able to access that unblocked website. If you’re using Windows then go to the Control Panel, then Network and Internet, then Network and Sharing Centre. Then click Change Adapter Settings. Now, right click on the internet connection you’re using to access the blocked content, then click on Properties. Then click the Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IP), and then click properties. Then click on Use the Following DNS Server Address. For those who want to use Google’s DNS, enter as the Preferred DNS server, and in the Alternate DNS Server field. You can also use an OpenDNS by entering as the Preferred DNS Server, and as the Alternate DNS Server.
  2. Google URL Shortener: This method does not guarantee access to your blocked content, but is only an attempt. Out of all the times, we’ve tried at TEQnation, it worked about 4 out of 10 tries. This can be done by visiting Google URL Shortener and entering the domain name you want to access. For example, becomes .
  3. Google Translate: Google Translate is a very powerful tool that can translate webpages. In our case it can also be used to unblock a website. Just make sure that before you enter the URL of the website, the “From” language is set to anything except English, and the “To” language is set to English. This just ensures that the blocked website is now in English.
  4. Cached Version: Last but not least, is to open a Cached version of the website. The cached version is a very simplified version of a domain, and is used by Google to judge if the page is a proper match to what was searched. All you have to do is enter the domain in Google, and hit enter. Then scroll down to the result that you were looking for, and click on the little arrow by the URL of the result. This should open a small drop down, in which you will see a “Cached,” button. Voila!

Watch this space for more Internet Tips and Tricks coming soon! Make sure you drop me an email on or a comment  below explaining how this post could have been better.

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