Average iPhone Users in US Spends $35 in iOS App Store Per Year

Average iPhone Users in US Spends $35 in iOS App Store Per Year

Quick TEQ: The average iPhone user in the US spends $35 in the iOS app store per year, and out of that $25 dollars are spent on games. iOS games are a hit, pulling in about 10.5 downloads per iPhone on average per year. This is the best time to be an iOS game developer!  

According to Sensor Tower, the average iPhone user in the United States dished out about $35 in the iOS App Store last year. This was including both in app purchases and premium downloads.

Mean Revenue Per iPhone

If we look at a category level breakdown of where the average amount is spent then we get to see that we are all children at heart. The average iPhone user in the US spends $25 on games. That’s right. Games. Just to clarify, that means that $25 of the $35 is spent on games. In terms of percentage, that’s an estimated 70% of the total revenue that is being attributed to games alone.

Next was $3.40 on music, meaning that people are 7.3 times more inclined to pay for games than for music. $1.80 on Social Networking, $1.00 on Entertainment, and $0.40 on Lifestyle.

Mean Number of Apps Installed Per iPhone

The average number of apps installed per active iPhone followed a very similar trend to the revenue. The average number of times games where installed on an active iPhone was about 10.5. This was more than twice the number of downloads for Social Networking, and Photo & Video apps.


The current population of active iPhone users in the US is a game crazy population. Whether it be Real Racing 3, Monument Valley, or Badland 2, games will continue to be the number one source of entertainment leaving the competition behind by far. If you are an iOS app developer then you might want to focus on building games, since they seem to be the ones in demand.

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