BeamIt: A “Visual Messaging” App

After WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion, every developer wants to make the next big messaging app that mirrors the success of WhatsApp. Messaging apps are going to any extent to please their users. Whether it be, making new emoticon packages to starting free voice calling services, they are doing it all. But with such a congested and rapidly growing market, is there still room for another messaging app? The BeamIt App believes so.

The BeamIt app is a so called “visual messaging” app that wants to add context to photo sharing and making it more meaningful. The app is currently available on iOS, and will soon be rolling out for Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. BeamIt has basic features such as likes, comments, and sharing photos, but somehow still manages to be different. After spending a while on it, we realized that the GUI is so fluidic that is makes all your conversations and comments seem like one entire thread, instead of separate occasions.

BeamIt App
BeamIt App

We liked the feature where all you have to do is long-press a photo till the like, comment, share, save options come up. But the feature that really stands out can be seen when multiple photos are selected. After selecting them, they all appeared in a side scrolling row next to the messages. All you have to do is scroll up and down to view them, and slide to remove them. Another nifty little feature is that you can send a large number of photos, without worrying about your device freezing. The BeamIt app was a complete stunner on the Iphone, and expectations are even higher on the Ipad.

Apart from the excellent design, the BeamIt app was still lacking on a very fundamental features, like photo editing options, since everyone likes to add a few filters and flare before they send their pictures to their friends and family.

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