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Panasonic Launches Eluga Arc with VoLTE Support

Quick TEQ: Panasonic has launched its new Eluga Arc smartphone for USD 188 or INR 12,490.

Panasonic’s Eluga Arc features a 4.7 inch IPS 2.5D curved 720 x1280 display, and houses a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 system on a chip cloaked in at 1.2GHz with an Adreno 306 GPU. The Eluga Arc is also powered by 2GB of RAM, and has 16GB of internal storage which can be expanded to 32GB via microSD card.

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Gionee releases the W909, Dual Touchscreen Flip Phone

Quick TEQ: Gionee has released its first ever dual touchscreen flip phone, the Gionee W909 and will be available for about USD 650 or about INR 41,000.           

It seems that the Chinese smartphone maker Gionee will be giving its the Samsung SM-W2016 some stiff competition now that they have launched the Gionee W909. Gionee is bring back the flip phone fad, but with a twist. A Dual touchscreen. Yes you’ve heard us right.

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OnePlus X Review

Quick TEQ: The OnePlus X is a great smartphone that meets most user’s needs at the average cost of USD 260 or INR 17,000. It’s got a 5 inch full HD Amoled screen, is 4G enabled, has a dual SIM slot, had a 13MP and 8MP camera, comes with 16 GB of internal memory which can be expanded to 128GB, and runs on a Snapdragon 801 processor with 3GB of RAM.

OnePlus has managed to blow the world away again with its OnePlus X. For those of you who don’t know, OnePlus is a small Chinese smartphone manufacturer that was founded about two and a half years ago, and entered the Indian market about a year ago. The OnePlus X was initially being sold using the ingenious invite based technique, but is now widely available for purchase online.

OnePlus is the same company that launched their flagship OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 phones which were absolute hits in Asia. Let’s take a closer look at the OnePlus X:

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Some of the Best and Worst Things about the iPhone SE

Apple’s new product launch did not come to us as a surprise as the much talked about rumors became true, Apple released its brand new iPhone SE.

It seems that the 4 inch phones are still a fad, as Apple reportedly sold 30 million iPhones with 4 inch screens in 2015.  Some companies don’t even manage to sell 30 million of their flag ship devices, and here Apple manages to sell 30 million and that of their 4 inch screen models.

Apple has certainly played their cards right by identifying the demand in the market and taking advantage of it.  For those of you who don’t know, the iPhone SE is basically the build of the iPhone 5S, but with the power of the iPhone 6S.

Some of the Best and Worst Things about the iPhone SE Some of the Best and Worst Things about the iPhone SE Some of the Best and Worst Things about the iPhone SE Some of the Best and Worst Things about the iPhone SE Some of the Best and Worst Things about the iPhone SE

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Microsoft Lumia 650 Starts Pre Orders in US and Canada

Microsoft has announced that its latest smartphone running Windows 10, the Lumia 650 is now available for preorder in Canada and the United States. Having debuted early this year, the device is a mid-range budget smartphone that will cost about USD 200. Preorder it now, and shipping will begin by April 1st.

Apart from the stellar metal design and Windows 10, the Lumia 650 has been largely criticised for the lack of Continuum, Microsoft’s new feature that lets you turn your phone into a light desktop. We’ll you can’t quite complain considering the modest hardware of the phone.

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Registrations Open for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3’s Next Flash Sale

After Xiaomi opened up the Redmi Note 3 for the Indian audience on March 2nd, it is giving you another chance on to grab their Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 on March 16th. If you want to be part of the flash sale, make sure you register now, and log on to or at 2:00 pm.

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The Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung had unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S7, its flagship phone for 2016 during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The 32 GB device has been priced at INR 48,400 in India, which is about USD 720. The price for the 64GB Galaxy S7 is still kept under the wraps, but should be revealed soon. Samsung has also opened up pre bookings to the public, so make sure you book your Galaxy S7 before the 17th Mar’16 to get a free Samsung Gear VR headset with it! Yes you heard me right, a free Samsung Gear VR headset!

Samsung Gear VR Headset
Samsung Gear VR Headset

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The iPhone Killer: Xiaomi Mi5

The so called iPhone Killer will be coming out in three variants. The most affordable version will have 32 Gb of internal memory,3Gb RAM, 1.8Ghz clock speed, and a 3D glass panel on the back and will cost about USD 300. The second version will have 64 Gb of internal storage, 3Gb RAM,2.15Ghz clock speed, as well as a 3D glass rear panel, and will be available for USD 350. Last but not least, is the pro version of the Xiaomi Mi5 and will house 128 Gb of internal memory, 4Gb RAM, running at 2.15Ghz clock speed, and a 3D ceramic back panel which will put you back about USD 410.

It seems that Xiaomi is interested in targeting the Asian markets as, Vice President of Xiaomi, Huga Barra has confirmed the launch of the device in India and China only.

Xiaomi has strategically placed the camera lens in the same position where Apple placed the lens in the iPhone 6. Xiaomi has also taken inspiration from the Samsung Galaxy S6, by installing a finger print scanner in the home button of the front panel. The Chinese manufacturer has also managed to install a USB type C port in the Xiaimi Mi5.

We couldn’t help but notice how the elegant the curves of the 3D glass panel look, as it bends into the metal frame of the device. Weighing in at only 127 g, the Mi5 is probably the lightest flagship device in the market.

The display of the Xiaomi Mi5 is just brilliant, as the 5.15 inch screen with Full HD resolution makes pictures come alive. We at TEQnation have not been able to get our hands on the device yet, but we will very soon. We are unsure how the auto brightness feature will perform in bright outdoor conditions, but will surely get back to this.

The Mi5 comes with Xiaomi’s MIUI 7 interface installed on it, and runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, hence, for those of you wondering, yes it does have the much acclaimed doze mode. Considering Marshmallow’s new Doze feature, the 3000mAh battery should keep the device running for quite a length of time. Even if the juice does empty out, Xiaomi claims that with the help of Quick Charge 3.0, the battery can charge upto 80%-90% in an hour. Not only is the Xiaomi MI5 4G+ enabled, reaching download speeds of up to 600 Mbps but It is also a dual SIM VoLTE enabled device, which hopefully should make the voice call quality much better.

Beneath all the bells and whistles, Xiaomi houses a beast of a Snapdragon 820 processor along with an Adreno 530 GPU. We predict that this new processor from Qualcomm should create a lag free and super-fast user experiance, and hopefully reduce the overheating issues caused by the previous processor, the Snapdragon 810.

The Mi5 has a 16MP main camera by Sony, with integrated 4 axis image stabilisation technology. This will ensure that you can get take better and focused images whilst in motion. The front camera is a 4MP, f/2 aperture camera capable of taking wide angle selfies. What really got us thinking was why Xiaomi hadn’t placed a minimum of 5MP lens.

Once again, we will have to wait till we get our hands on the device to do a proper review, but the specs seem very promising on paper. We just hope that Xiaomi will consider releasing the Mi5 in the US and Europe to make it easier to get hold of for our audiences there.

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