Innov8: Seagate’s 8TB USB C Powered External Hard Drive

Innov8: Seagate’s 8TB USB C Powered External Hard Drive

Quick TEQ: Seagate will release its 8TB external hard disk next month and it will require just a USB C port for power. Seagate calls it the Innov8, and will cost about USD 350.

Seagate has announced its massive 8TB external hard disk with no need for external power. It will use just the power from its single USB C type port.  Seagate calls its new 8TB hard drive Innov8. Seagate has played it quite wittily on this one, by adding a pun on the 8.

According to Seagate, the Innov8 uses Ignition Boost Technology, which “eliminates the need for a power adapter on an 8TB desktop hard drive for the first time.”

Innov8: Seagate’s 8TB USB C Powered External Hard Drive
Seagate’s Innov8

The Innov8 will probably make it the best portable companion for a movie or sitcom junkie, for its sheer capacity and compatibility, now that it can work with just a USB C port. Seagate claims that the Innov8 can hold “more than two million songs, four million photos, and eight hundred HD movies”

In terms of physical size, the Innov8, 3.5 inches in width, will be bigger than standard hard drives currently in the market which are 2.5 inches. It has this ribbed look which consists of six rib like plates mounted on one another. The ribs also help it stand vertically. The top and bottom have dark grey surfaces. The entire casing was actually designed by Huge-Design, that’s the same company that made product designs for Nike, GoPro, and HP.

The USB 3.1 will ensure fast data transfers in Seagate’s Innov8, but won’t exactly be the fastest around.

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