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DJI+ Discover App for Drone Enthusiasts

Quick TEQ: DJI has released the DJI+ Discover app for Android and iOS, which allows users to connect with pilots around your area to fly together, join groups and activities, sell your aerial services, or even get training. You can also check out the closest DJI store near you, or see the online store.

Drones are slowly becoming the next big thing, and you can thank the internet for all the drone forums filled with drone enthusiasts. To make things easier, DJI has decided to make a social network just for drone enthusiasts. This gives drone lovers all over the world the opportunity to connect with likeminded drone enthusiasts, and sync with them.

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Microsoft’s Mimicker Alarm Clock App

Quick TEQ: Microsoft has released its Mimicker Alarm app for Android, which wakes users up to a game. If not played in the next 30 seconds, the alarm will start ringing again. The Mimicker Alarm app is also a small sneak peek into the future of artificial intelligence APIs of the future.  

Microsoft has launched the Mimicker Alarm clock Android app that shows off its machine learning skills. The Mimicker Alarm clock isn’t a normal alarm clock that will go off at the time you want. It is actually much more than that.

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6 Apps to Help Kids Learn Math, Science and Coding!

Quick TEQ: This article takes a look at six great apps to help kids learn and excel in Science, Math, and Coding. 

Schools give kids an opportunity to learn and nurture, but what if your kids or siblings wanted to learn more than what is offered? Well, this is why TEQnation has gone the extra mile to find the top six apps that help kids let their curiosity run free, and in the process learn more. Let’s take a look at some of the apps.

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MusiXmatch App

Life without music would be mundane, uninspiring, and a huge mistake. Music has a tendency to make me run faster, think clearly, work harder, and most importantly, feel better. It has some sort of divine powers where simply closing your eyes whilst being plugged in, not only elevates you to another world, but also transcends all sorts of tragedies. If you are addicted to music like me, and have super sensitive hearing, where even the slightest of hymns can trigger dozens of soundtracks in your mind, then you have come the right place. We present you the MusiXmatch app.

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BeamIt: A “Visual Messaging” App

After WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion, every developer wants to make the next big messaging app that mirrors the success of WhatsApp. Messaging apps are going to any extent to please their users. Whether it be, making new emoticon packages to starting free voice calling services, they are doing it all. But with such a congested and rapidly growing market, is there still room for another messaging app? The BeamIt App believes so.

The BeamIt app is a so called “visual messaging” app that wants to add context to photo sharing and making it more meaningful. The app is currently available on iOS, and will soon be rolling out for Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. BeamIt has basic features such as likes, comments, and sharing photos, but somehow still manages to be different. After spending a while on it, we realized that the GUI is so fluidic that is makes all your conversations and comments seem like one entire thread, instead of separate occasions.

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WhatsApp Launches New PDF Sharing Feature

It seems WhatsApp has realized that it is time they evolve from the regular text and picture sending service into something greater.

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users that lets them share PDF files with their contacts. PDFs are the only file format that can be transferred for now, but WhatsApp is working on .doc files. This can be done by tapping the attachment paperclip button, and then tapping the “attach document.” This feature is not limited to attaching PDF files that are stored locally on your device, in fact you can also send PDF files that are stored on any of your cloud services.

WhatsApp Launches New PDF Sharing Feature
WhatsApp Launches New PDF Sharing Feature

WhatsApp Launches New PDF Sharing Feature

However if the contact has not upgrading their WhatsApp version on their end, they won’t be able to receive the pdf file.

Get Fit with the Workout Trainer App

skimble-workout-trainer-synchronized-membership-scaled1000The Workout Trainer app is a free Android based app that helps you live a fitter and healthier lifestyle. The Workout Trainer app helps you achieve your fitness goals by providing you with certified virtual personal trainers that will guide you through timed exercises, both photo and video instructions, step by step audio instructions, and the most important thing of all, lots and lots of encouragement!

The part I liked the most was that the app lets you choose the area of your focus, and advises the best exercises that will improve your specified area of focus the most. Another cool part was that the Workout Trainer app can be used by anyone who wants to get in shape without using any exercise equipment. So you can say good bye to expensive exercise machines!

Workout Trainer App
Workout Trainer App

This is a free to download app on the Google Play store, and the makers of the app, Skimble have much more to offer to premium users. With a premium fee, the Workout Trainer app will synchronise and monitor your progress with the Skimble website, so you can track your growth from day 1, or even connect with the active and online Workout Trainer community for more tips and advice.

If you have an Android or iOS device and want to start getting in shape today, then I recommend downloading the Workout Trainer app.

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