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DJI+ Discover App for Drone Enthusiasts

Quick TEQ: DJI has released the DJI+ Discover app for Android and iOS, which allows users to connect with pilots around your area to fly together, join groups and activities, sell your aerial services, or even get training. You can also check out the closest DJI store near you, or see the online store.

Drones are slowly becoming the next big thing, and you can thank the internet for all the drone forums filled with drone enthusiasts. To make things easier, DJI has decided to make a social network just for drone enthusiasts. This gives drone lovers all over the world the opportunity to connect with likeminded drone enthusiasts, and sync with them.

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Microsoft’s Mimicker Alarm Clock App

Quick TEQ: Microsoft has released its Mimicker Alarm app for Android, which wakes users up to a game. If not played in the next 30 seconds, the alarm will start ringing again. The Mimicker Alarm app is also a small sneak peek into the future of artificial intelligence APIs of the future.  

Microsoft has launched the Mimicker Alarm clock Android app that shows off its machine learning skills. The Mimicker Alarm clock isn’t a normal alarm clock that will go off at the time you want. It is actually much more than that.

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