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DJI+ Discover App for Drone Enthusiasts

Quick TEQ: DJI has released the DJI+ Discover app for Android and iOS, which allows users to connect with pilots around your area to fly together, join groups and activities, sell your aerial services, or even get training. You can also check out the closest DJI store near you, or see the online store.

Drones are slowly becoming the next big thing, and you can thank the internet for all the drone forums filled with drone enthusiasts. To make things easier, DJI has decided to make a social network just for drone enthusiasts. This gives drone lovers all over the world the opportunity to connect with likeminded drone enthusiasts, and sync with them.

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DJI Unveils $1399 Semi-Autonomous Phantom 4

phantom 4

Chinese manufacturer DJI Technology has done it again. DJI has released a new quad rotor drone which is to supersede the DJI Phantom 3 that was released last year. DJI calls it the Phantom 4, and will start shipping out the drones to buyers by March 15, and will be available for purchase from Apple and DJI stores. The Phantom 4 will be hitting the shelves of other retailers by March 25.

There is no doubt that the DJI Phantom 4 can fly faster, higher, and longer than the Phantom 4, but the feature that has got fans crazy over this one is its semi automate flight. This new feature makes the drone easier to fly for amateurs as well as harder to crash!

This $1399 drone has a set of optical sensors that help it manoeuvre its way through obstacles that are up to 2.3 feet away. Another nifty feature is that the quad copter, has a “Return to Home” button, which locates the user and will safely fly back to the user in time of need. DJI has also managed to create a new mode called ActiveTrack which can be found on the DJI’s Go app. ActiveTrack allows the drone to follow the subject and ultimately provide better footage with the help of autonomous flight. All the user has do to is tap on the subject that is visible on the screen and Voila! The DJI Phantom 4 follows you! The cool part is that the once you enter the autonomous mode, you can carefully alter the camera movements to get the footage you really want.

phantom 4b

DJI has also incorporated a better battery pack as the Phantom 4 can achieve a flight time of about 28 minutes, which is 5 minutes more than that of the Phantom 3. The Phantom 4 can also attain a maximum speed of 72kmh, which is about 45 mph, and has a control range of about 5km or 3.1mi The Phantom 4 houses a 4k camera, which can now record 1080p footage at 120 fps. The company claims that its new 8 element lens increases the sharpness in its video.

Let’s just hope that DJI can work on making the Phantom 4 a bit more pocket friendly for now!

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