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Google makes its Nik Software for Photography Completely Free to Download

Quick TEQ: Google’s Nik Collection of Photography Tools which once cost USD 499.95, and later dropped to USD 149, has now been made free of cost. All those who purchased it in 2016 for USD 149 will automatically be refunded.

The Nik Collection first came to light, when Google bought the German developing firm Nik, after they had launched the mobile photo editing app Snapseed which is available for both Android and iOS. Continue reading Google makes its Nik Software for Photography Completely Free to Download

Hack Google’s Chromebook and Win $100,000

Google has been rewarding researches who find and report vulnerabilities in their security systems since 2010. In fact, thanks to the Google’s Security Reward Program, Google has awarded a total of $2,000,000 to researchers who’ve pointed out software or hardware flaws in Google so far.

It was later last year that Google had offered $50,000 to the first person who can remotely hack the Chromebook’s security system, but Google hasn’t had a successful submission so far. So being the billion dollar company it is, Google decided to up the ante to $100,000 on March 14th 2016. The only catch to the competition is that the hack must be done through a web page, and that too whilst the Chromebook is in guest mode. When in guest mode, Chromebook has it highest defence systems running, as guests can download files, but can’t install applications, even if they are verified apps from the Google Store itself.

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