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OnePlus X Review

Quick TEQ: The OnePlus X is a great smartphone that meets most user’s needs at the average cost of USD 260 or INR 17,000. It’s got a 5 inch full HD Amoled screen, is 4G enabled, has a dual SIM slot, had a 13MP and 8MP camera, comes with 16 GB of internal memory which can be expanded to 128GB, and runs on a Snapdragon 801 processor with 3GB of RAM.

OnePlus has managed to blow the world away again with its OnePlus X. For those of you who don’t know, OnePlus is a small Chinese smartphone manufacturer that was founded about two and a half years ago, and entered the Indian market about a year ago. The OnePlus X was initially being sold using the ingenious invite based technique, but is now widely available for purchase online.

OnePlus is the same company that launched their flagship OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 phones which were absolute hits in Asia. Let’s take a closer look at the OnePlus X:

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

If you are a video streaming junkie, or like to play games for hours at a time, then the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 is the best tablet for you. The battery just keeps going, and going until you eventually fall asleep. Believe it or not, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 can last an entire 15 hours before running out of juice. This is longer than any tablet currently in the market. The tablet also comes with a Snapdragon 212 processor with 1GB of RAM, but falls short, as the device tends to lag. To make your viewing experience even better, the tablet has a set of stands that fold out from the back, so it can stand vertically by itself. Another cool feature is that it has an 8 MP camera that can rotate 180 degrees, hence you actually have an 8MP front and back camera!

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MusiXmatch App

Life without music would be mundane, uninspiring, and a huge mistake. Music has a tendency to make me run faster, think clearly, work harder, and most importantly, feel better. It has some sort of divine powers where simply closing your eyes whilst being plugged in, not only elevates you to another world, but also transcends all sorts of tragedies. If you are addicted to music like me, and have super sensitive hearing, where even the slightest of hymns can trigger dozens of soundtracks in your mind, then you have come the right place. We present you the MusiXmatch app.

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BeamIt: A “Visual Messaging” App

After WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion, every developer wants to make the next big messaging app that mirrors the success of WhatsApp. Messaging apps are going to any extent to please their users. Whether it be, making new emoticon packages to starting free voice calling services, they are doing it all. But with such a congested and rapidly growing market, is there still room for another messaging app? The BeamIt App believes so.

The BeamIt app is a so called “visual messaging” app that wants to add context to photo sharing and making it more meaningful. The app is currently available on iOS, and will soon be rolling out for Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. BeamIt has basic features such as likes, comments, and sharing photos, but somehow still manages to be different. After spending a while on it, we realized that the GUI is so fluidic that is makes all your conversations and comments seem like one entire thread, instead of separate occasions.

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Dell Inspiron 15 7000: a Mixed Goody Bag

Dell has stepped up their game by introducing the Dell Inspiron 15 7000. Its seems as though Dell has shifted their focus for once, from sheer affordability to a slightly higher tier. The 15 inch Dell Inspiron 7000 will put you back about Rs.69,000, and that too is the lower end version.  There are not a lot of noticeable differences between the Dell Inspiron 15 7000, and the Dell Inspiron 14 7000, except for screen size, but let’s take a better look at the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 anyway.

Hardware Specifications

The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 is available in two versions. The first is an Intel Core i5-4200U, has 6Gb RAM, a 500Gb hard drive, and a 1366×768 touchscreen. The second version is a higher end Intel Core i7-4200U, with 8Gb RAM, a 1Tb hard drive, and a full HD 1920×1080 touchscreen. The only similarity between both versions is that they both have a Nvidia GeForce GT 750M graphics processor and a dedicated 2Gb GDDR5 graphics card.

It also uses Waves MaxxAudio Pro to enhance the sound, which makes it perfectly crisp. Dell also claims that it has installed a 58WHr removable battery, but the only problem with that is that you have to unscrew the bottom lid, to get to the battery. Doesn’t sound to “removable” to me…

Other than that, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 comes with a Microsoft Office Trial Pack, and a 15 month subscription to McAfee Security Centre. Most of the other preloaded tools only cause annoying popups to hamper the so called ‘Dell Experience.’

Design and Looks

The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 comes in weighing at 2.6 Kg, and has a 15 inch screen. The laptop carries the same rectangular, rounded look to it as its predecessors did. It also has a hinge which just so happens to protrude from the body, which makes the laptop unable to lie flat when completely unfolded. Dell might claim pompously that the hinge can withstand 20,000 uses, but it can feel a bit too stiff at times of opening the flap, as it requires both hands to open the flap. I personally loved the full glass display, and the backlit, which most companies overlook too quickly.

The only problem I had with the design was that the trackpad could have been placed in the centre, rather than a bit to the left. My left wrist was lying on the trackpad whilst typing, which made the cursor move around frantically.

Performance and Battery

The performance tests came out to be just fine, and it felt as though the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 wasn’t tapping into its full potential. It was missing the default Nvidia Control Panel, which made me wonder whether it was even functioning. The battery life also seemed to me just fine, as it only has about 2.5 hours of juice running at its so called full potential. But then again I guess its fine, since the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 has specs that make it more deskbound, rather than portable.


In an overall view the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 has almost won my heart, but it has a few flaws that just glare you in the face. There are a lot of machines out there that outplay the Dell Inspire 15 7000, in terms of both cost and performance. It seems to me that this one is a mixed goody bag.

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Gift your Phone Addict Friend the Moment App


Do you sleep next to your phone, and embrace it before your loved ones? Or do you give primary importance to answering back to your incoming emails and chat messages rather than real world conversations? Do you mindlessly scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed as a pastime? If you have answered yes to all three of these questions, then I am afraid I will have to label you as a Phone Addict. For all the people out there who just can’t live without their phone, an app called Moment is here to help you.

Moment App
Moment App

The Moment app tries to bring a healthier balance in your lives by monitoring how much you use your phone, and how much time you spend on specific activities. If you think that you have been spending too much time on your phone, and less time with your friends and family, then I think it’s time you quantify hours with the Moment app. The Moment app lets you limit the time you spend on your phone, so you can have another laugh with friends, another meal with family, and catch another play with your girlfriend. Once you cross the daily pre-set limit of the hours per day on your phone, the app will start providing you notifications to put it down till tomorrow. The smart thing about the app is that it only counts your “on screen time,” so it won’t consider the time when you are listening to music, or taking a call.

I thought this was an awesome app, and mostly recommended it to the youngsters out there. It is a free to download app, but an extra feature that allows you to see which apps you spend the most time on, is a premium feature. The downside is that the app is only out for the iOS store at the moment. You can check it out right here. But the good news is that the maker, Kevin Holesh is working on the android version, and if lucky, should be out very soon!

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Asus VivoBook S451LA

The Asus VivoBook S451LA is a midsize fancy looking machine that offers an 11 second boot time, and only sets you back about $650.  That’s about Rs. 40,000 for this 14 inch touchscreen laptop. Let’s take a geekier look at this.

As mentioned before it has a 14 inch screen, and a resolution of 1366 x 768. It also has a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 4200U processor, which can be upgraded to a Core i7-4500U processor. This Vivobook has 6GB DDR3 SDRAM, and a 32MB Intel HD 4400 Graphics card. It has a 500Gb 5400 RPM hard drive. However it does not come with an optical disk drive. The machine runs on a 64 bit Windows 8.1 OS, and is 802.11b/g/n wireless and Bluetooth 4.0 enabled. It also comes with an HDMI port, stereo speakers, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB 2.0 port, and an SD card reader.

The makers have used a brushed metal look on the VivoBook S451LA, and yes they have pulled off the rich look again. The S451LA is merely 0.97 inches thick, which gives it a deceptively light appearance, however weighs just over 2 kilograms. This suave machine might have a nice glossy touchpad, and a smooth looking body, but lacks when it comes to the screen. Its 1366 x 768 resolution does not offer a variety of viewing angles, which is a setback for users like me, since I just can’t sit still.

Asus really should have thought of putting an illuminated keyboard, as I have a tendency to work in the dark. The limited viewing angles of the screen make it even harder to work, as I had to find a fine balance between viewing the keyboard, and viewing the screen. The makers could have spent some more time on the speakers as they had a slightly echoing sound.

Asus VivoBook S451LA
Asus VivoBook S451LA

At the end of the day, Asus did manage to please its valued customers by offering 3GB of cloud storage on Asus’s Web Storage systems. The Asus VivoBook S451 is fine looking touchscreen laptop, but seems to have compromised a bit too much whilst focusing on the looks. Apart from that, my final words would be: Buy it if you must.

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Get Fit with the Workout Trainer App

skimble-workout-trainer-synchronized-membership-scaled1000The Workout Trainer app is a free Android based app that helps you live a fitter and healthier lifestyle. The Workout Trainer app helps you achieve your fitness goals by providing you with certified virtual personal trainers that will guide you through timed exercises, both photo and video instructions, step by step audio instructions, and the most important thing of all, lots and lots of encouragement!

The part I liked the most was that the app lets you choose the area of your focus, and advises the best exercises that will improve your specified area of focus the most. Another cool part was that the Workout Trainer app can be used by anyone who wants to get in shape without using any exercise equipment. So you can say good bye to expensive exercise machines!

Workout Trainer App
Workout Trainer App

This is a free to download app on the Google Play store, and the makers of the app, Skimble have much more to offer to premium users. With a premium fee, the Workout Trainer app will synchronise and monitor your progress with the Skimble website, so you can track your growth from day 1, or even connect with the active and online Workout Trainer community for more tips and advice.

If you have an Android or iOS device and want to start getting in shape today, then I recommend downloading the Workout Trainer app.

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Acer Aspire S7 Review:Beauty & Brawns


The Acer Aspire S7 is a one of its kind Ultrabook, that promises to amaze you in one or another way. This slim and gorgeous Ultrabook gives the Macbook Air stiff competition, and with the fine glass and aluminium finish it feels like a machine from the future!


Hardware Specifications

  • CPU: 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-4200U (dual-core, 3MB cache, up to 2.6GHz with Turbo Boost)
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400
  • RAM: 8GB DDR3
  • Screen: 13.3-inch, 2560 x 1440 IPS, LED backlit display with 10 finger multi-touch
  • Storage: 128GB SSD in RAID 0
  • Ports: 2 USB 3.0 (1 with power-off charging) ports, 1 HDMI, 1 combo headphone/mic jack, 1 Acer converter port, 1 SD card reader
  • Connectivity: Intel Centrino Advanced-N7260, 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi with MIMO, Bluetooth 4.0, Intel Wireless Display
  • Camera: 1280 x 720 HD webcam


Sweet eh?



Looks and Feel

The Acer Aspire S7 measures at 12.72 x 8.78 x 0.51 inches (WxDxH) and weighs in at 1.3kg. It is one of those kinds of notebooks that require only one glance to tell that it means serious business. The Acer Aspire S7 has this aluminium frame with these panels of stark whitened glass set into the lid. The S7 has a highly reflective screen, and its lid can even fold back a full 180 degrees, but I found that the only problem was that it doesn’t go all around, rendering it uncomfortable to use as a tablet.

Personally speaking I loved the backlit keyboard which lights up automatically depending on the ambient light conditions. It has this out of this world greenish tinge, along with the blue function keys which only add to the aesthetic appeal.


Performance and Battery

In terms of performance, the Acer Aspire S7 is a good contender when compared to the Dell XPS 13, and the 13-inch Macbook Air. Acer claims that the Aspire S7 can run for up to 7 hours, but when we had it run under a normal workload with over 12 tabs open in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome each, YouTube buffering at 1080p, an image heavy chat application, a PDF reader, and a Word Document open, the results were a bit disappointing. It ran for just about 5 hours, a whole 2 hours short of what the company claims.

acer aspire s7 (2)


Even though the Acer Aspire S7 has proved itself to be one of the coolest and quietest out of Intel’s Ultrabook Class, it still needs some major work to do on the keyboard and its placement of keys, as well as battery life. It’s clear that the Aspire S7 wasn’t meant to be used by the normal office goer, or school student, as the price indirectly dictate so. The Acer Aspire S7 costs roughly Rs.1,00,000, which might turn some heads… but other than that the Acer Aspire S7 is a machine built for the future, and owning it now means, owning the future!


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