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Casey Niestat is Teqnation’s YouTuber of the month! Casey is a film maker, YouTuber, business owner, husband, and a father of two.

Born in South-eastern Connecticut, in 1981 Casey is a man who refused to be satisfied with the average life. At the tender of 15, Casey had ran away from home. When he was 17 years old he became a father and worked as a dish washer for $320 a week. At 19, he moved to New York with his kid.

In 1999, Casey was bit by the video editing bug on the iMac with iMovie V1.0. It was then that he realized that the iMac could be portal to take his ideas and turn them into something that he could share, and people would appreciate. So in 2001, he packed his duffle bag and iMac, got on an Amtrak train, and moved to New York City. It was there, that he lived in a 200 ft2 sublet and shared it with a stranger.

Even through all this, his hope never died. It was his pure enthusiasm for what was to come that kept him going. He had finally felt that what was unattainable, is now in his hand’s reach. Casey started his YouTube channel is 2010, and uploaded several viral videos like “Make it Count” and “Bike Lanes” that really got his career going. You can check out his awesome YouTube channel here.

Since 2010, Casey has gotten 2.3million YouTube subscribers, 500million views on YouTube, and close to 400 videos. Simply put, his vlogs are the best!

Casey got married to his girlfriend, Candice Pool, creater of Finn Jewellery in 2013, and also have a baby girl.

Casey and his Squad
Casey and his Squad

Casey is now the owner of a successful tech company called Beme, which is a one of a kind real time video sharing app that lets users share their live reactions to six second videos.

Follow Casey on Beme!
Follow Casey on Beme!

From the words from the entrepreneur himself, “You either act on your ideas or set them free. You don’t dwell on them.”

Thank you Casey, for motivating a generation, and teaching them how to live.

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